Gear Pros Aftermarket and Custom Marine Parts

Marine Gears and Shafts


Gear Pros produces lower unit gears and shafts for a wide range of applications, and we continue to grow our product line of parts that are available to our customers. If there are marine parts you would like to see us make, click the link below and fill us in.

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Buy Direct From the Factory


Click on the link below, and you can shop all of the marine parts that we have available for sale. We sell our parts at very competitive prices, and quantity discounts are available for dealers and re-builders. 

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Custom Marine Parts


If you want a custom racing gear set, hybrid prop-shaft, or anything that isn't currently available; in many cases Gear Pros can produce custom parts to fit your needs. Click the link below to Contact Us.

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American Made Parts


Proud to be a United States based OE and aftermarket marine parts manufacturer. We support our local small businesses, local farmers, and all of the United States armed forces,. We see it is a hard fought privilege to live and work here.

High Quality Manufacturing


We produce all of our parts out of high grade bearing quality steel alloys, and manufacture them to very tight tolerances. Our quality is on par with many OE marine parts, and in some cases we can even surpass them.

Marine FAQs


Click the question mark above to see some of our FAQs and Answers like:

Q: How do I know if this part will fit my boat?

Q: Where do I find my model number?