Gear Pros: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Will this part fit my boat?

A: The best way to answer that is to send us your model number. Go back to our home page and go to the "Contact Us" section, and send us a message with your model number.

Q: Where do I find my model number?

A: Do an online search of "where do I find my brand outboard model number" - this will give you details for your specific brand of outboard motor.

Q: How do your parts compare to OEM replacement parts?

A: We manufacture all of our parts to very high standards that are on par with many OEM replacement parts, in some case we can even surpass them.

Q: Do your parts have a warranty?

A: We sell our parts at a very competitive price, but we stand behind the parts we make. We offer a 90 day from date of purchase limited warranty for manufacturing defects. If you have a problem, which is rare, please contact us.

Q: Can I buy parts direct from you?

A: We sell parts on eBay and Amazon, as well as our own online store. Purchase parts in our store for a discounted price as we incur no selling fees, or call us to order by phone (800) 776-5568.

Q: Do you have Dealer pricing?

A: We offer additional discounts for dealers and re-builders that purchase in a higher quantity, Contact Us for pricing and parts lists.